THE AGENDA FOR 1999-2000

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Transmission Utility.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Order on licensing arrangements for the construction, maintenance, and operation of inter-state transmission lines by persons other than the Central Transmission Utility.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Consultative paper on bulk power and transmission tariffs.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Order on performance standards for generation utilities.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Order on norms for the determination of the rate base.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Regulations for the determination of bulk power and transmission tariff including the procedure for tariff filings.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Regulations for the appointment of Consultants.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Finalisation of the regulations on conditions of service of employees of the commission.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Tariff determination orders for select generating stations and transmission lines.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Consultative paper on environmental regulations for the power sector.
Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Provision of training facilities for staff in the areas of regulatory administration and process, performance based rate making and incentive regulation, use of information technology in monitoring of performance standards and price regulation.


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