Mission Statement

The Commission intends to promote competition, efficiency and economy in bulk power markets, improve the quality of supply, promote investments and advise the government on the removal of institutional barriers to bridge the demand supply gap and thus foster the interests of consumers. In pursuit of these objectives the Commission will :

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Improve the operations and management of the regional transmission systems through the formulation of Indian Electricity Grid Code and restructuring of the institutional arrangements thereof.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Formulate a tariff setting mechanism, which provides speedy and time bound disposal of tariff petitions, promotes competition, efficiency and economy in pricing of bulk power and transmission services and least cost investments.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Improve access to information for all stakeholders.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Institute mechanisms to ensure that inter-State transmission investment decisions are taken transparently, in a participative mode and are justifiable on the basis of least cost.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Facilitate the technological and institutional changes required for the development of competitive markets in bulk power and transmission services.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Advise on the removal of barriers to entry and exit for capital management, within the limits of environmental safety and security concerns and the existing legislative requirements, as the first step to the creation of competitive markets.

Set1f.gif (888 bytes) Associate with environmental regulatory agencies for the application of economic principles to the formulation of environmental regulations.

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