(f) 'Regulations' means these Regulations;

(g) 'Secretary' means the Secretary of the Commission.

(2) Words or expressions occurring in these Regulations and not defined herein but defined in the Act shall bear the same meaning as in the Act.

(3) The provisions of the General Clauses Act, 1897 as amended from time to time shall apply to these Regulations.

Commission's office, office hours and sittings

3. The place of the offices of the Commission may from time to time be specified by the Commission, by an order made in that behalf.

4. Unless otherwise directed, the headquarters and other offices of the Commission shall be open daily except on Saturdays, Sundays and Central Government holidays notified by the Central Government. The headquarters and other offices of the Commission shall be open at such times as the Commission may direct.

5. Where the last day for doing of any act falls on a day on which the office of the Commission is closed and by reason thereof the act cannot be done on that day, it may be done on the next day on which the office is open.

6. The Commission may hold sittings for hearing matters at the headquarters or at any other place on days and time to be specified by the Commission.

Language of the Commission

7. The Proceedings of the Commission shall be conducted in English or Hindi, if permitted by the Commission

8. No Petition, documents or other material contained in any language other than English or in Hindi if permitted by the Commission, may be accepted by the Commission, unless the same is accompanied by a translation thereof in English/Hindi.

9. Any translation which is agreed to by the parties to the Proceedings or which any of the. parties may furnish with an authenticity certificate of the person who had translated to English/Hindi, may be accepted by the Commission as a true translation.

10. The Commission in appropriate cases may direct translation of the petition, pleadings, documents and other material to English by an officer or person designated by the Commission for the purpose.

Commission to have seal of its own

11. There shall be a separate seal indicating that it is the seal of the Commission

Officers of the Commission


(1) The Commission shall have the power to appoint Secretary, officers and other employees for discharging various duties. It may also prescribe the qualifications, experience and other terms and conditions for the appointment of such officers and other employees.

(2)The Commission may appoint Consultants to assist the Commission in the discharge of its functions. The terms and conditions of appointment of Consultants shall be determined by the Commission at its meetings from time to time.


(1) The Secretary shall be the Principal Officer of the Commission and shall exercise his powers and perform his duties under the control of the Chairperson.

(2) The Commission in discharge of its functions under the Act, may take such assistance from the Secretary as it may deem fit and the Secretary shall be bound to assist the Commission.

(3) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the above provisions, the Secretary shall have the following powers and perform the following duties, namely :

(a) he shall have custody of the records and the seal of the Commission;

(b) he shall receive or cause to receive all petitions, applications or reference pertaining to the Commission;

(c) he shall prepare or cause to be prepared briefs and summaries of all pleadings presented by various parties in each case before the Commission in the discharge of its function in this regard;

(d) he shall assist the Commission in the proceedings relating to the powers exercisable by the Commission;

(e) he shall authenticate the orders passed by the Commission;

(f) he shall ensure compliance of the orders passed by the Commission; and

(g) he shall have the right to collect from the Central Government or other offices, companies and firms or any other party as may be directed by the Commission, such information as may be considered useful for the purpose of efficient discharge of the functions of the Commission under the Act and place the information before the Commission.


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