Profile of Member

Shri A.K.Singhal
(9th October 2013 – Continuing)

Shri A.K.Singhal

 Shri A.K. Singhal, a Chartered Accountant by profession, has a distinguished career, characterized by steadfast adherence to principles. He has a rich & varied experience of over 37 years in Corporate Finance Management. He worked as Director (Finance) of NTPC Limited (a Maharatna Company) for over 8 years.

  In NTPC, Mr. Singhal played a pivotal role in providing valuable inputs to the Board for taking various strategic decisions to enable the company in achieving its Vision. He was responsible for the entire gamut of financial management of the organization including financial resource mobilization from domestic & global sources, optimum utilization of funds, budgetary controls and investment decisions. During his tenure of 12 years in NTPC, he had led several landmark transactions for the Company such as its IPO, FPO & OFS of equity, very large term loan facilities from banks and financial institutions and establishment of USD 2 billion Medium Term Note Programme and issuance of notes there under. As CFO, he was responsible for establishing adequate internal control systems and adherence by the company to sound corporate governance practices.

He played an active role in the decisions involving mergers and acquisitions including backward & forward integration of business by virtue of being in depth knowledge of various segment of Power Sector such as generation, transmission, coal mining and renewable from conception, construction to its operation and maintenance. He acted as a vital link between the investing community and the management of the company. He has visited units under construction, operation to have first hand experience. He has also visited number of countries in connection with official assignments during the period of his service.

Driven by a passion for excellence and imbued with a strong work ethics, Mr. Singhal believes integrity, honesty and humility as the only policy for enduring business success. Under his able guidance and leadership, NTPC has won many awards & accolades for excellence in Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance. Mr. Singhal has been recognized as Best CFO at various forums including by the ICAI(twice), IMA(Lifetime Achievement Award), CNBC TV 18, ASBA Top Rankers and he has been positioned thrice among top 100 CFOs across the country by CFO Institute of 9dot9 media.

Mr. Singhal has also been the driving force behind various initiatives towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). His emphasis is always to ensure that each CSR initiative is aimed to improve lives of the people at the bottom of the pyramid and activities are taken up and processes adopted with due diligence so that benefit of the same reaches upto the last mile. Prior to joining NTPC, Mr. Singhal has worked in EPI, KRIBHCO and NFL in various capacities.

Considering the contributions and rich knowledge & experience of Mr. Singhal, the Government of India has appointed him as Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission for a period of 5 years and joined the Commission on 9th October 2013, to shoulder even higher responsibilities as the Power Sector Regulator.