Supplement to CEA Operation Norms for Thermal Power Generating Stations

1.    Para 1.1(5) of the operation norms states that specified norms shall apply to new and unused steam power stations, CCGT generating stations and diesel engine stations for the entire plant life.  It is clarified that the intent was to discourage use of second hand power plant.  It is clarified that the norms circulated would apply to both existing as well as new plants as already brought out in the advertisement of the Commission.  However, in case of existing power plants where the Net Heat Rate as per the formula given in para B.1.12 is less than guaranteed Net Heat Rate multiplied by the appropriate degradation factor (1.05 for Steam Power Plant, 1.035 for CCGT Generating Stations and 1.0325 for SCGT Generating Stations), the guaranteed, Net Heat Rate multiplied by the degradation factor shall apply.

2.  Annual Plant Load Factor of 75% for recovery of capacity charge or fixed charge specified at par shall not apply in view of the Availability Based Tariff (ABT) Order issued by the Commission on 4th January 2000.  Further, the term “Availability Factor” may be substituted for “Deemed Plant Load Factor”.

3.   The calculations of fuel charges shall be for settlement period of 15 minutes for all types of Thermal Power Stations in line with the ABT order, as per the model calculations enclosed with the norms which takes into account the actual loading on the units.



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