Annexure III

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No.                                                                                                                    June , 1999

Subject. : Petition under section 13 of the Electricity Regulatory Commission Act, 1998 -
In the matter of

Dear Sir,

I am directed to refer to your petition/application dated filed on the above subject and to inform you that on scrutiny, the following defects have been pointed out:

1. The petition is not in the form prescribed in Chapter of the CERC, CBR.
2. The name, description and address of the parties have not been furnished in the cause title.
3. The following necessary parties have not been impleaded:


4. The petition has not been duly signed.
5. The petition has not been verified through an affidavit
6. The affidavit is not on the form prescribed in Chapter II of he CERC, CBR
7. The affidavit has not been signed and sworn before the competent authority.
8. Seven copies of the petition have not been filed.
9. The copies of the petitions are not complete in all respects.
10. The copies of the documents are not legible and duly attested.
11. English/Hindi translation of the documents and other material contained in a language other than English/Hindi, has not filed.
12. Authenticity of the English/Hindi translation of the document has not been furnished.
13. The Vakalatnama / letter of authorisation has not been filed.
14. The Vakalatnama is not properly executed and necessary Court fee has not been paid.
15. The prescribed fee for the petition/application has not paid.
16. The index of documents has not been filed.
17. The pagination of the documents has not done properly.

You are requested to rectify the defects within three weeks of issue of this letter, failing which the
petition shall be deemed to have been rejected.

Yours faithfully,

(Bench Officer)

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