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Presentation On Power Exchange During Hearing on Dec 19, 2006
1-CERC , 2-NTPC,NVVNL , 3-MCX , 4-NCDEX , 5-PTC , 6-RLDC , 7-Sh.Jayant Deo , 8-IIT,BOMBAY
PUBLIC NOTICE (Comments invited Nov 11, 2006 )
Draft Regulations on Grant of Licence for inter-State
Transmission of Electricity
Amendment to IEGC-(August 2006) Regarding REA
1.Amendment    2.Statements Of Reasons
Notification of Escalation Rates, Inflation Rate Discount rate and Doller-Rupee Exchange rate as per Competitive Bidding Guidelines
1.Notification dated 26-10-06, 2.Explanation (General)
3.Explanation for Imported Coal and Capitive Coal Mine based projects.
Comments invited latest by Oct 15, 2006 on
Proposed escalation rates for bid evaluation and payment for procurement of power by tariff based bidding

1.Public Notice 2.Draft Notification 3.Explanation (General) 4.Explanation for Imported Coal and Captive Coal mine source (Consultant's Report)
Comments invited upto July 10, 2006
Proposal to amend Grid Code on Regional Energy Accounting
Grid indiscipline shall not be tolerated – CERC warning
(Effective from April 1, 2006)
Draft Regulations on Grant of Transmission License
cerc invites suggestions/comments by 24.2.2006
draft standard bid documents of mop for the long-term procurement of power

1. where location or fuel is not specified (case 1)
2. where location and/or fuel is specified (case 2)
3. draft comments of CERC
Comments Invited From Parties in Pettition No-63/2006 Latest By 15-12-2006
Staff Proposal For Tariff For Tehri Hydro Electric Project Stage-1 (4x250 MW)
Staff Paper on Developing a Common Platform for Electricity Trading (July 20,2006)