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Public notice(Comments invited by Dec 20,2007)Draft for amending Terms & Conditions of Tariff Regulations(UI Charges)
1. Notice
2. Draft
3. Order
CERC invites suggestions/comments,by 10.1.2008 for framing new regulations on Terms and Conditions of Tariff for the tariff period starting on 1.4.2009
Public notice(Comments invited by Nov 16,2007)Draft for amending Terms & Conditions of Tariff Regulations (Infirm Power)
1. Notice
2. Draft
3. Explanatory Memorandum
Public notice(Comments invited by Sept 17,2007) Draft Notification For amending Operational Norms For Talcher TPS
1. Public Notice
Operational Norms For Talcher TPS Amended
2.Statement Of Reasons
Proposed Approach for Sharing of Charges for and Losses in inter-State Transmission system.
1. Order dated 28-03-2008 in Petition No.85-2007(suo motu) 
2. Interim Order dated 02-07-2007 in Petition No 85-2007(suo motu) 
3. Discussion Paper issued in February 2007 
4. Annexure-I (Part of Discussion paper)
Discussion Paper on "Revised Scheme of Incentive and Disincentive for Thermal Generating Stations
(Comments invited by 25 th Aug 2007)

1. Public Notice
2. Discussion Paper
Discussion Paper
Remedy for Default in Payment of Dues by Power Utilities
(Comments invited by 8 th Jun 2007)
Discussion Paper on Sharing of  Interstate Transmission
Charges and related issues(Commentes invited latest by April - 15-2007)

1. Public Notice/Covering Note 
2. Discussion Paper 
Comments Invited From Parties in Pettition No-63/2006 Latest By 15-12-2006
Staff Proposal For Tariff For Tehri Hydro Electric Project Stage-1 (4x250 MW)
Staff Paper on Developing a Common Platform for Electricity Trading (July 20,2006)
Staff Paper on Amendment to Open Access Regulations
Concept Paper on Eligibility Conditions for Grant of Power Trading License
Concept Paper on Open Access in Inter-State Transmission
Discussion Paper on Terms & Conditions of Tariff
(Tariff Period Commencing 1.4.2004)
CERC issues Regulations on Sharing of Revenue Derived from Utilisation of Transmission Assets for Other Business.
1. Regulations
2. Statement of Reasons
Comments invited latest by 23 rd April-2007
Draft Notification Proposing to Increase UI ceiling rate
Public Notice dated: 22-02-07
Consultation Paper on Bulk Electricity Tariffs (Sept. 15,1999)