Profile of Member

Shri I.S.Jha
(21st January 2019– Continuing)

Shri I.S.Jha

Shri I S Jha is Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission since January, 2019. Prior to his present assignment, he successfully served as Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of state-run transmission utility, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., since 2015.

An Electrical Engineer from NIT Jamshedpur, he is a well-known Power Sector professional having more than 38 years of rich and varied work experience in all the facets of the Power Sector i.e. Generation, Transmission, System Operation, Distribution including the last mile connectivity to consumers and Regulatory aspects. He began his professional career in 1981 in NTPC and joined POWERGRID in 1991. Subsequently in Jan’19 he joined CERC as Member. While working at various projects and Corporate Office of NTPC and POWERGRID, he was involved in conceptualization, planning, design, engineering, monitoring and implementation of projects of National importance. A champion of environment friendly development, Shri Jha ensured on-schedule commissioning of transmission infrastructure and has now set a frenetic pace for grid development bringing efficiency into the sector.

He has spearheaded development of robust National grid in the country integrated with State-of-the-Art technologies as well as Green Energy Corridors for integration of renewables. With extensive experience in the transmission sector, Shri Jha played a key role in the conceptualisation and implementation of National Grid, Cross-border interconnections with neighbouring countries, setting up long distance multi-terminal HVDC transmission system i.e, 800kV 6000MW Biswanath Chariyali- Agra HVDC system, first of its kind in the world. Planning and commissioning of one of the largest high capacity HVDC bipole Champa-Kurushetra in early 2016, increasing the available transfer capability significantly between Northern & Western region as well as North East West (NEW) region grid and Southern Region enabling development of vibrant electricity market are some of his recent benchmark contributions to the Indian power sector. In addition, he played a key role in deployment of Smart grid Technology in Indian power System including Synchrophasor measurement, Battery Energy Storage System, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and other emerging technologies. Under his leadership, Varanasi Smart Grid project was implemented that was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

Project management in power transmission involves various challenges such as Right of Way (RoW) issues, getting timely environmental clearances, timely contract award, milestones monitoring and filing of petitions before the regulator. Shri I S Jha has achieved unprecedented success in managing above challenges. Under his leadership, POWERGRID has acted as an enabler of power markets for providing affordable options to DISCOMs.

He is an active proponent of emerging technology & other cutting-edge initiatives and steered development of new technologies towards indigenisation as part of “Make in India” effort, like development of 1200 kV AC technology, highest transmission voltage in the world, through collaboration with Indian manufacturers, 765kV level transformer and reactor, 400kV Gas Insulated Switchgear(GIS), integrating FACTS technology like SVC, STATCOM, FSC+TCSC into the Indian power system to bring efficiency. He also played a key role in deployment of VSC based HVDC Technology in India. He also led the team of Distribution management system for design & implementation of accorded projects to POWERGRID under APDRP scheme as well as Rural electrification works under RGGVY scheme.

Shri Jha has been a driving force in conceptualizing integration of renewable generation in the grid by implementing Green energy Corridors covering comprehensive Intra & Inter State Transmission Schemes, dynamic reactive compensation in the form of State-of-the-Art STATCOM, establishment of Renewable Energy Management Centre (REMC), that would play a key role in achieving target of 175 GW of renewable generation towards clean development. He also steered implementation of 24x7 power for all programmes in various States through implementation of distribution modernisation schemes, last mile connectivity etc. He involved in formulation of Standards, regulations on open access as well as policy advocacy for overall development of power sector. During the course of his professional journey, he has also been involved in formulation of key regulations related to Power sector such as Indian Electricity Grid code, Open Access in ISTS, Grant of Connectivity, Long-term Access and Medium-term Open Access in inter-State Transmission, Sharing of Inter State Transmission charges & losses etc.

Towards R&D, a number of initiatives were undertaken by him on new technology, which are first of its kind viz, 1200 KV UHVAC System, Wide area Monitoring System, Smart Grid, High Temperature Superconducting Cables, Process Bus Architecture Sub-station Automation System, etc. which would go a long way in development of an efficient and economical power system in the country.

He is known for his technological prowess and people-centric leadership. He is member of Governing Body of CPRI, Bangalore and President, International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) – India, member of apex Governing body i.e. Steering Committee of CIGRE - Paris and other professional bodies. He has published/ presented numerous articles, more than 50 technical papers in the field of power system in various international and National Journal/Conferences. He has also Co-authored two books namely, ‘Renewable Energy Technology’ and “Smart Grid Fundamental and Applications”. Shri Jha has also applied for patents for the technical innovations in the field of power system.